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Design is especially important in postcards and in
brochures.  Postcards catch the eye and deliver a
concise message.

The non-addressing side of a direct mail marketing
postcard usually includes a graphic and a bold
headline to make prospects interested enough to turn
the card over to read the more detailed information on the other side.
Special offers such as a discount or free benefit are highlighted on one or both sides.

You may already have graphics and copy ready to go and need only a little help with layout in the postcard format. Or you may require a little more help using your own graphics and copy to design the postcard.

We can also help you design the postcard from scratch or adapt one of our design samples, based on your message and the image of your business that you want to convey, using our image collection and helping you write the copy.

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Offset Printing

Offset printing provides highest-quality printing at a reasonable price.

Offset Postcard Printing Options

For additional pricing, call us at (512) 441-8133 or (800) 441-8133.

Full 4-Color Process Printing

4-color process printing technology allows you to go to market with printed materials best suited to the interests of your prospects.

We offer the highest-quality 4-color printing at competitive prices: postcards, letters, brochures, business cards, and more.

Digital Printing

Digital printing technology today has vastly improved in quality and speed. It is competitive in cost for smaller quantities. Each mailing piece can be unique (for example, personalized by name).

In digital printing, the image can be vary from one page to the next as the digital press runs.This allows a high degree of personalization within a press run (called mass customization or 1-to-1 marketing).

The text and images can vary depending on information contained in the database fields, including demographic information such as gender or alternate images based on that information. This creates a more personalized message , which helps to increase response
and improve results.

Digital Postcard Printing Options

For additional pricing or more information on printing,
call us at (512) 441-8133 or (800) 441-8133

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