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Choosing the right mail list is the key.
Why waste time and money on poor prospects?
You know the kind of people you want to reach, so
narrow your audience to focus on your best prospects.

We’re a local company and have been developing our databases and updating them monthly since 1982 to compile the most accurate mail lists.  Our sources include national mailing lists and local records, property data, state records and federal data.

Target your market geographically:

    Zip Code, Subdivision or Neighborhood area
    Neighborhood Radius or Custom Radius
    Census tract/Census block level with demographic profile

Focus your selection by categories:

    Age (dob), Income

    Gender & Ethnicity
    Homeowners & Property & Financial criteria
    Renters in homes & apartments

    New Movers or New Homeowners

Select businesses by:

    Dun & Bradstreet Business Owners & Professionals

    New Businesses or Existing Businesses based on a wide array of criteria

    Credit Scores, Employee Size, Job Title or Business Categories

See below for a sampling of mail list selections or call us for other specialized categories.

The Mailing List

Targeting Your Market

Specialty Consumer Mailing List Selections

Grow your business — TARGET the RIGHT PROSPECTS!

 Consumer Lists
     Reach households and individuals based on demographics, lifestyle interests and purchase behavior.
 Business Lists
     Reach businesses based on business type, number of employees, title and other selection options.
 New Homeowner Lists
     Updated weekly to help you reach confirmed new homeowners in any area.
     New Mover Lists Updated weekly from multiple sources to help you reach new movers ready to spend.
 Real Property Lists
     Largest compiled database of properties and property owners, ideal for marketers of home equity,
     home refinance, and other home-related offers.
 Saturation Lists
     Provides 100% coverage of addresses within a geographic area, enabling you to saturate neighborhoods
     and reach the current "Occupant" at each address.

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