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Coe Information Marketing  ●  P.O. Box 5087  ●  Austin, TX 78763  ●  (512) 441-8133  ●  (800) 441-8133

About Coe Information

Austin-based Coe Information Publishers, inc. has been serving Texas since 1982, providing direct mail marketing services, data compilation, and city cross-reference directories.


We have been developing our databases and compiling lists for Texas cities for over 30 years and updating them monthly to offer the best lists at competitive prices. We handle any mailing campaign, no matter how big or small, from list, design, printing or mailing services to the complete package.

We’ll help you target your best prospects to find new customers or clients, generate
sales leads, develop your relationship with current customers or clients with special mailings, and plan a complete successful direct mail  campaign.  We’ll be happy to
answer your questions, offer advice, and provide free list counts and estimates.
Give us a call at (512) 441-8133 or (800) 441-8133.  Let’s get started!

If you have any questions about us or our services please get in touch with us.

Email or call us at (512) 441-8133 or (800) 441-8133
                    we'd love to hear from you!

Coe Information

P.O. Box 5087

Austin, TX 78763

      Tel:  (512) 441-8133

      US: (800) 441-8133