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Q) How do you compile your mailing lists?

A) Our sources include local records, property data, phonebooks, state records,
    and federal data. Our lists are updated monthly.

Q) What file formats do you accept for mailing lists?

A) We accept the following file formats for mailing lists:

Microsoft Excel (.xls)

FoxPro (.dbf)

Comma Separated Values (.csv)

Delimited Text File (.txt)

Microsoft Access (.mdb)

We can translate virtually any format you may have. If you don’t know what you format have or need help, call (512) 441-8133.

Q) What fields do I need to have in my list?

A) Your list needs to have the following fields: Name, Address, City, State, and ZIP. Addresses printed on mailed pieces are limited to 5 lines. Your list may contain other fields (such as Business Name, Title, or Address2), but only the fields needed for mailing purposes plus any others that you specify within the 5-line limit will be included.

If your list contains Company Name information, please be sure that it is listed in a separate column titled “Company Name” or something similar. If the Company Name is listed in the “Address” column, the CASS certification process will not recognize it as a legitimate address and will try to replace it. Please call us at (1-800) 441-8133 if you have questions about data formatting.

Q) What are the minimum quantities for the various U.S. Postal Service levels?

A) First Class Non-Presort: no minimum quantity. First Class Presort: 500 pieces. Standard mail: 200 pieces.

Q) How can I design my piece to meet USPS formatting requirements?

A) Your mailing pieces need clear spaces to allow for bar coding, addressing, and permit information in order to meet USPS requirements for each type of mail service. We can provide a template showing the specific requirements. Or we can design the mailing piece for you.

Q) How will my mailing list be processed?

A) We will CASS certify and sort your mailing lists(s) prior to mailing. CASS certification adds ZIP+4 codes where possible and ensures that all addresses meet USPS formatting standards. It also allows the addition of postal barcodes, which enhances deliverability and makes your mailing eligible for postal discounts. We also match your list against the NCOA database to provide the most current address (see the following question).

Q) What is NCOA processing?

A) All discounted mail (any mail that does not use first class stamps or metered full-price postage) must comply with National Change of Address (NCOA) requirements. The USPS mandates this processing: without updating 15% or more of the addresses may be invalid, because millions of individuals and businesses move each year. NCOA-processed lists are valid for 95 days and then must be reprocessed. We do free NCOA processing on all the lists we provide. If you want to use your own in-house list, it either must already have been NCOA-processed (as certified by USPS Form 6014 as part of required postal paperwork) or must be processed by us. Call (1-800) 441-8133 for more information on NCOA-processing and other list maintenance for your in-house list.

Q) Can this processed mailing list be returned to me?

A) Yes. Call (512) 441-8133 to request that your processed list be returned.

Q) Can you mail using my postal permit?

A) Yes.

Q) Can you mail part of my order and return the rest to me?

A.) Yes, you may choose to mail only part of the total printed quantity in one mailing. The remaining pieces can be returned to you. If you plan to mail part of the order at a later date, be sure that the mailing piece does not contain time-specific information that will no longer be applicable later (such as a specific expiration date).

Q) Will aqueous coating cause problems when addressing my pieces?

A) No, the aqueous coatings and equipment that we use make it possible to print address information on your mailing pieces without any problems. If  the aqueous-coated pieces are going to be addressed and mailed by another party, we can leave an uncoated window in the addressing area so that the pieces can be addressed correctly. We cannot guarantee that another mailing service will be able to address the pieces successfully, however, so it may be best to leave the entire back side of the mail piece uncoated in these circumstances.

Q) Do you offer letter folding & inserting services (inserting pieces into envelopes)?

A) Yes, we do offer inserting services. Please call us at (512) 441-8133 for more information.

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