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Direct Mail Getting Started

Direct mail is a proven and cost-effective way to deliver a
personalized message to your best prospects. It has a higher return
on investment (ROI) than other traditional forms of advertising.  Direct mail
gives you complete control of the campaign: the audience, the offer, and the timing.

The Mailing List: Focusing on Your Best Prospects

Target your best prospects by selecting consumers or businesses by area (ZIP Code, census tract, or custom radius around your business location). You can also choose by categories such as age, gender, and income level or type of business (SIC codes).

Or you can focus on groups such as new homeowners and new businesses.

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The Message:  Reaching Your Audience One on One

Tailor your message for the audience you want to reach. Focus on one central idea
in each mailing piece. Make it clear how you want your prospects to respond: for example, by telephoning or by visiting your website. A time-limited offer such as a discount or coupon will increase your response rate.

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The Campaign: Tracking Your Success

Direct mail is most effective with a campaign of repeat mailings. Repetition is the key.
By tracking the results of each mailing you can get quick feedback and fine-tune
the response.  You can make ongoing adjustments to the target audience or the
offer to increase your response rate.  Call 441-8133 for a FREE consultation
on a customized mailing campaign for your business.

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