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Postcard Marketing

Postcards are versatile, inexpensive, and flexible.
They get immediate attention because they are
read by a higher percentage of people than other
mail–there’s no envelope to open!

The Design

Like billboards, postcards catch the eye with bold headlines and images and deliver a brief
but powerful message. We can help you with layout using your own copy and graphics.
Or we can design the entire card for you, based on your specifications for the audience you want to reach, your company image, and the kind of response you want.

The Offer

Focus on one central idea for each card, whether it's a sale or discount, a coupon, or introducing your company to new prospects. A time-limited offer encourages them to respond quickly.

The Package

Postcards are a cost-effective way to develop a direct mail campaign, using repeated
mailings to fine-tune the message and track success. You can mail the same card or a
series of related postcards at intervals. We provide a complete package of services: list,
design, printing, mailing, and follow-up plans.  
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9 Tips for Successful Postcard Marketing

    Focus on one idea per card: keep it short, simple, and clear.

    Select the right mailing list to target your best prospects and save time and money.

    Use an eye-catching headline and a supporting image to get attention

    Stress the specific benefits and consider including a testimonial or guarantee.

    Choose a design that fits your image and a balanced layout:
      simple and bold on the front, with more details on the back.

    Tell them how to respond, with a clear call for action (such as phoning or logging
      onto your website).

    Feature a good offer such as a discount, giveaway, or free information, with a time
      limit to encourage a quick response.

    Include all contact information on the back of the card, including phone, website,
      and physical address.

    Track the response to test the best options and follow up with repeated mailings:
      repetition is the key.

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